About - Acupuncture and Physiotherapy in Kelowna, BC
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Helen Day P.T.

Helen Elizabeth Day P.T., A.F.C.I., the founder of Consult – Educate – Treat has over 20 years’ experience in managing and treating chronic pain. Her unique holistic treatment program grew from her experience in physiotherapy and acupuncture. She has helped close to a million patients achieve body health and facial renewal.
Upon realizing that chronic and persistent pain need to be treated differently than short term pain she developed her 5 Point Protocol for Pain that targets the root of the problem and provides long term relief.

Consult Educate Treat

Consult Educate Treat is Kelowna’s premiere physiotherapy and acupuncture clinic, providing assessment, education and treatment in a compassionate setting. Focusing on the alleviation of chronic pain, CET treats the whole body to remove and eliminate persistent pain.
If you suffer from chronic pain due to accident, injury or stress, Consult Educate Treat will work with you to resolve the problems with your muscles, bones, joints, circulatory, respiratory or nervous system.
Consult Educate Treat is the home of The 5 Healthy Faces Program and The 5 Point Protocol for Chronic Pain. Physiotherapy the way it should be done – treating the whole person.