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What to expect on your first visit to a physiotherapist

What to expect on your first visit to a physiotherapist

Are you apprehensive about visiting a Physiotherapist.  Dont worry, many people are. It helps when you know what to expect, so the following is a rough guideline.  Clinics vary.

1. First you must decide where to go for help with your painful back, knee etc.  start asking around. Have any of your friends have had a good experience with one?  You dont need a doctors referral but you do have to pay.  If you have private insurance, that is a bonus because most will cover at least part of a visit.  We here at C.E.T. physio are direct billing so that means a much smaller amount will come out of your pocket. Be forewarned though not all insurance plans allow physio direct billing. Appts. will vary from $75.00 – $160.00 depending on the amount of work the physio does.

Now book that appointment!!!

  1. Do not be afraid to ask the credentials of the professional.  Some will have specialized.  That means deal only with sports injuries for instance. C.E.T deals with regular conditions but has developed the Five point protocol to deal with chronic pain and the FIVE FACES program which deals with improving the health of the face.  A healthy face stays youthful looking longer, just as a healthy body stays youthful looking longer.
  2. When you book your appointment you will be given a time and date, parking will be explained and advised if you need to bring shorts,  etc.
  3. You have arrived.  You will be greeted by a receptionist and be given some intake forms to fill out.
  4. For the most part Physios tend to be on time .Perhaps you might have to wait for 10- 15 mins.
    Which is nothing compared to a Doctor visit
  5. The physio will come out introduce herself and take you into a private room.  She will then go
    over the intake form and ask you some questions.  Dont worry you will know the answers.
  6. The examination will then be performed.  This involves certain tests and movements that you will be asked to do.
    you will only be asked to show where your pain is and do movement up to the edge of pain not into it.
  7. The physio will then discuss the treatment plan she has arrived at. Please ask all the questions you can think of. You will then be asked for your verbal agreement to go ahead with this plan.
  8. A treatment will then be done on the initial visit or if the examination has taken longer than
    expected you will go back to the reception area and book your next appointment.

Good luck and get better soon!

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