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The history of physiotherapy in Canada

The history of physiotherapy in Canada

Assisting people to get better after accidents and illnesses has been around for 1000’s of years.

In Athenian times a practitioner gained knowledge in how best to assist a person, mostly using massage and water therapy.

The earliest Canadian Physiotherapy profession developed from a small group of British nurses who incorporated as S.T.M. ( society of trained masseuses).

Documented records of the first use of physiotherapy was in 1813 in Sweden per Henrik Ling who was consider the father of physiotherapy.

The two world wars increased the growing necessity and recognition of the valuable service that physiotherapists provided for injured soldiers and civilians in rehabilitating them from bombs and gun shots wounds.

By the 1960’s demand had produced nine nine new university programs , with the first being McGill university in 1954. Since 1988 McGill University school has offered a Rehabilitation Sciences PHD program.

Because of the problem and frustration of medical control , physiotherapists developed their own professional competence with their own body of knowledge.

By the 1980’s P.T. sought their own college and in Dec 31 1993 in Ontario achieved this with the Physiotherapy act.

With the new millennium, we now having a global community of physiotherapists basing their practise on excellence while developing and meeting the world therapy needs.

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