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Muscle power truths revealed

Muscle power truths revealed

Scientists have discovered a new truth behind big muscles, turning 50 years of knowledge on its head.

What We Have Known: The muscle system is unlike other systems in the body such as the eyes, that if challenged will start to rebuild again.

It doesn’t matter what the age so this is why a group of 90 year olds can build muscle when they start weight training.

Are you aware that without some kind of muscle strength building program you lose 6-7 pounds of muscle every decade, by the time you reach 70 you have lost up to 30% of your total muscle cells.

Exciting New Research: We have always thought that muscles pull in one direction along ropes of muscle but a group of scientists from the University of Washington ( T. Daniel/M. Regnier) have found that bulging muscles get their power from a mesh arrangement of cells rather than long ropes, detailed studies reveal.

As muscles flex, tugging filaments fan out in a lattice, says the university of Washington team who made the breakthrough. This generates force in multiple directions, not just up and down.

This news will be of interest to body builders, people rebuilding their muscle strength after long illnesses or surgery.  It will also apply to heart disease as the heart is also a muscle.

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