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Have you got text neck?

Have you got text neck?

Chances you are reading this while leaning over a table or slumped back in a chair while reading your Smartphone.  Your head is tilted forward; your shoulders are curved.  Doing this over and over again leads to what physios call “Forward head posture”.

It means stiff neck and shoulders, pinched nerves but it also leads to double chins and a “wattle, (ropes of fat) and wrinkled neck”.  We are now seeing creams being promoted for neck aging due to smart phones.

Physiotherapists have treated forward head posture for decades.

The human head was built to sit vertically on the neck and shoulders.  In this position very little muscle expenditure is used.  For every inch that the head moves forwards, it increases 10 pounds that the neck muscles have to hold. With text neck the muscles are working overtime and then of course they breakdown.

In the next post learn what you can do to prevent text neck and of course your double chin, wattle and wrinkled neck.

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