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Botox Alternatives

Botox Alternatives

Botox has been the most damaging cosmetic inflicted on men and women since the start of time.

I have been writing since 2000 on the deleterious effects of Botox , seemingly to an unresponsive void. I was 50 at the time and every time I saw a dermatologist or nurse practitioner in skin care, I was offered Botox.

As a physiotherapist, thinking this through, we all knew about the unhealthy effects of paralysis inflicted on a healthy body.  So why should Botox paralyzing muscles in the face be any different? Several research articles demonstrating  this point have been  released,  I am sure to a very unresponsive audience.

Dec 4/2010 Rafael Fortuna/ researchers University of Calgary/ Journal of Biomechanics.  They found rabbits limbs injected with Botulinum toxin A experienced muscle wastage up to 50%.

In 2000, I thought there had to be something better than this to maintain a youthful appearance of the face. I developed a healthy alternative , namely The Five F.A.C.E.S. program.

It is not exercise which physiotherapists, yoga instructors etc. have purported for a very long time.  This premise is wrong because the face muscles have already become stringy and tight from overuse – exercise would make this worse. It is, rather a step by step process set on relaxing the face muscles, so they can take pressure off nerve, blood supply yet still exert all the health benefits needed to maintain a younger looking face for a longer period of time.

Why is it when a person notices his/her body not as healthy or youthful looking as they would like they head for the gym; yet when their faces start to age they head for cosmetics, creams, Botox, fillers and surgery ?

Give me a call to learn more about botox alternatives in Kelowna 250-448-0438.

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